Super Smart Tech Gurus Keeping IT Simple

“A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a drink. The bar tender replies, for you no charge.” 
– Dr Sheldon Cooper, 
The Big Bang Theory.

Here at Productiv, our team of Technicians, Developers and Managers have the best brains in the business.

We’re proudly geeky; details oriented, organised and we love to think outside the box.

Thankfully though, unlike Sheldon, we LOVE to buck the typical IT guy stereotypes when it comes to personality and passion. 

Why? Because we’re friendly, empathetic and highly focused on meeting your ICT needs.

Whilst we LOVE tech, we also understand that for most businesses managing your IT can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly – all huge pain points especially when they’re not your area of interest or expertise, right?

That’s where our tech wizardry comes in.

Whether you are looking for Customised Managed ICT Services, IT Audits & Reviews and/or Project based ad-hoc ICT services; we will find an IT solution to suit your business.

Leave the tech headaches to us (we love them), so that you can get back to the things that YOU love.

Ready to get started? 

getting Productiv is as easy as 1-2-3

Our consultants follow a simple three stage framework for you.


We review your needs through our auditing process where we look into your system usage, capacity, capabilities and security.


We prepare a comprehensive written report of what we find in language you will understand. These will identify both the risks and the opportunities that can be addressed.


We then prepare an IT management plan that will work for you within projected budgets and costs.

Managed IT Services

Essentials Plan
Our core IT audit and IT assessment report service.
Assurance Plan
A simple and cost effective level of technical support giving you access to our helpful team at the 24/7 Help Desk.
Enterprise Plan
Full face-to-face technical support from our friendly team members.
Custom IT Management
Full Information Communication Technology (ICT) support that is customised to your exact needs.


Our expertise is underpinned by strong connections and partnerships with leading technology brands. Our technicians are industry certified professionals, trained to deliver you the best from the best.

IT Equipment

Software needs the right hardware to run it. Making the right IT procurement decisions ensure that your Information Communication Technology (ICT) is scaleable, flexible and works.

Whether it is network related infrastructure or teleconferencing we have your technology solutions covered. We can supply a range of video conferencing, phone systems, VoIP as well boardroom equipment including the new Microsoft Surface suite of devices.

Help Desk

Our 24/7 Monitoring Service and Help Desk is hosted by our very knowledgeable team members. These talented local people are able to efficiently diagnose IT problems and provide workable solutions.

Your friendly consultant can work with you to decide the urgency of the situation. Our response targets to urgent issues are within a matter of hours with staff on call any time of the day or night. Our highest priority is always getting you up and running and keeping you there.

This 24/7 service is as also available as an on call service for emergency onsite visits by prior agreement at level 3 and 4 of our managed service agreements.

Call us today to discuss your support options

Productiv advocate proactive issue prevention and monitoring, steering away from the industry trend of reactive troubleshooting.

  • No salespeople – just techs!
  • Can procure both Mac and PC.
  • Staff have relevant certifications.
  • Fixed Fee Packages are available.

We pride ourselves on being able to adapt solutions to suit our clients. Call to discuss your situation and needs and let us find the right solution for your productivity.

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