Cyber Security Risks & What You Need To Know

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Businesses are connecting across the globe at an unprecedented rate. Here at Productiv, our IT specialists know that keeping your company data protected from cyber crime is more crucial than ever before. Cyber security breaches cost companies more than just revenue–they damage that all-important reputation.

To keep your business safe from cyber security risks, Sophos have devised Intercept X–cutting-edge, next-generation software which offers the most comprehensive threat prevention on the market. Here’s what you need to know about Intercept X and how it can support your business.

The Rise Of Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the fastest-rising malware programs in the world. Once this malicious software is in your system, you can’t unlock data, or use your keyboard, until you pay a ransom–generally through Bitcoin.

This kind of malware has devastating effects on your business–but Intercept X is one of the most effective ransomware-blockers on the market.

How Intercept X Works

Intercept X is essentially a new-generation security platform. It’s based on a unique form of “machine” learning, or artificial intelligence, based on a complex, evolving neural network. What’s so unique about this platform is that Intercept X notices any malware, known or unknown, because it doesn’t rely on signatures.

How does this protect your business? You’re taking preventative action to stop malware infiltrating your system, instead of wasting precious time and resources removing the virus once it has spread.


Intercept X uses a revolutionary technology knows as CryptoGuard to power its neural system and identify ransomware before it penetrates your system. How? By using behavioural analysis to spot unusual movement and signal patterns. Viruses and malware are adapting all the time–you need a product like Intercept X which isn’t limited by detecting only “known” patterns.

Comprehensive Analysis

Intercept X doesn’t just block the threat–it shows you how the attack accessed your network, if it touched any files, and what steps you should take next. Here at Productiv, our team are familiar with Intercept X and can advise you how to interpret any findings.

You can’t afford to neglect cyber security in your business plan–the costs, both financially and otherwise, are simply too high.

Cyber security threats are something your business cannot afford to ignore. At Productiv, the Brisbane-based IT support and IT strategy consultants, our specialists understand how security threats pose challenges for small and medium-sized businesses. That’s why we offer managed services including onsite tech support, IT auditing, and product-based consulting and training. We’re pleased to serve areas all across Brisbane–contact us today to see how we can help you protect your business using Intercept X.

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