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An emerging trend, with more and more technology being adopted and based around the Internet; businesses now face broader exposure to cyber risks and security issues, both internally and externally. These vulnerabilities may evolve over time, and cyber-attacks also change in complexity as well as sophistication. This is why its critical for businesses to have systems and work to build/maintain resilience and security so that they can respond and recover from an cyber security incident as soon as possible.

Our team at Productiv can help plan and provide cyber security services that fit your specific businesses demands, environment and industry. We can also help you understand the inherent risks as well as help you prepare, providing strategies to reduce the impact of an attack on your business.

We have a diverse range of expertise in this area of online security including: Operational IT, Website security, data protection, software security, customer privacy, and more. We can help in all areas related to Cyber Security. Check out our Sophos Central page to find out more of the latest trends, news, threats, and webinars where you can learn what is current in the world of cyber security.


Keeping Cybersecurity Simple With Markus – Password Security

Since the beginning of the digital age – and probably since before even that – passwords have played a big part in our everyday lives. From logging into our personal computers at home, to accessing the apps and software we need for work, we have probably got pretty used to entering passwords by now.

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