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Productiv have a number of methods to provide you with the level of support you need. From a basic IT Audit to full Managed Service Agreements. There is also a range of scaleable service packages to suit many IT operations as well as our 24/7 Monitoring Service and Help Desk  hosted by our very knowledgeable team members. These talented local people are able to efficiently diagnose IT problems and provide workable solutions.

In addition our friendly consultants will work with you to decide the urgency of the situation. Our response targets to urgent issues are within a matter of hours with staff on call any time of the day or night. Our highest priority is always getting you up and running and keeping you there.

Its good to know also that our Service Desk is as also available as a 24/7 on call service for emergency onsite visits by prior agreement at level 3 and 4 of our managed service agreements. There are 4 main areas of our Managed IT Service. Click below to see our Managed Service plans ranging from essentials all the way to enterprise.

Managed IT Services

Essentials Plan

Our core IT audit and IT assessment report service.

Professional Plan

A simple and cost effective level of technical support giving you access to our helpful team at the 24/7 Help Desk.

Enterprise Plan

Full face-to-face technical support from our friendly team members.

Custom IT Management

Full Information Communication Technology (ICT) support that is customised to your exact needs.

All Productiv Managed IT Service Plans include our Productiv Essentials

Patch Monitoring & Management

We’ll keep your systems up to date and current to keep your IT infrastructure optimal.

Real-Time Error Reporting

 Our reporting for errors on your system are delivered in real time to keep you up to date .

Real-Time Infrastructure Monitoring

Full coverage in real time for your IT infrastructure, we make sure its live and current.

Web Portal / Dashboard

The ability for you business to see from one place over all summaries of the areas of support in IT and technology.

Support 7am - 7pm M-F

Support that is there to cover your business day and beyond. We are happy to say from morning until 7pm we’re here to help.

Anti-Virus/ Malware Support & Software

Trusted experts with anti-virus protection as well as software support we make sure that you business is protected.

Warranty Management

We keep track for you infrastructure warranties and let you know well before any anything expires.

Problem Isolation & Solution

With any problems rest assured we will be here to easily isolated and contain issues and promptly provide the solution.

Scheduled On-Site Review Meetings

Keeping you up to date we also come to you. We are able to meet in person. Give you on-site reviews periodically

Compare Our Plans

Finding the right level of support is important especially in a ever changing technology environment. No matter what industry here at Productiv we can find the right managed IT plan to suit your business.

Your friendly consultant can work with you to decide the level of support and plan we also have made a comparison table for all the plans so you can see overall what you will be getting on the different support levels.

Click here to compare our Productiv Managed IT Service Plans.

Let’s Get Productiv

With our team of specialised staff, we’ll keep it simple on all things technology and IT. Let us help and take care of your IT and Technology business needs.

We are located in the Brisbane Technology Park district just off of the M1 Motorway making it easy for you to stop by, or even better, let’s come to you.

Our motto is to keep simplicity in IT and business, a Productiv team member is only a call or message away.

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