Using Up-to-Date Technology to Maximise Productivity  


In business, we’re always trying to find the best ways to improve productivity and complete processes efficiently. Wasting time is wasting money, after all. But having employees use their time inefficiently, waiting for a process to be completed, or waiting for communication before beginning their work can also sap employee morale.

By using the right technology correctly, you can improve productivity and efficiency and improve company results.

Identify the right technology for your business

Every day, new tools appear on the marketplace. From apps to programs to hardware, there’s always something happening. It can be tempting to try every new tool or tablet that hits the market. But before you invest in new technology, look at it to make sure it’s right for your business. Even if your competition swears by it, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Productiv can help you find the right ways to manage your software solutions.

One way to make sure that you’re using the right technology is to start identifying where you’re wasting time. Do your employees struggle with making notes when they’re out of the office? A tool that lets people take notes on their phone can be very helpful. Do you need to be able to contact someone without worrying where they are in the office? Sending a chat through Skype or Teams (part of Microsoft’s Unified Communications) chat can help you reach the people you need.

By addressing the weak spots and shoring them up with technology, you’re right-sizing for your company, instead of just adding tech because it’s flashy. Using the wrong technology for your company means more wasted time.

Use project management software to get everyone on the same page

Using project management software is one of the best ways to get remote teams working together. There are many options out there which allow for chat, file sharing, and assignment of tasks. When you’ve got workers across different time zones, this can help everyone feel a sense of teamwork and keep everyone on task.

Microsoft’s Unified Communications is also a great way to enhance typical video call meetings and bringing them into the 21st century. You can even conduct meetings with people who are outside the company.

Keep technology up to date

One key detail when you’re working in a larger office is to make sure your technology is up to date. There are two important ways to make this happen: make sure your computers are new enough for programs to work smoothly, and make sure that your software stays up to date. That includes anti-virus and malware protection as well as OS updates. Productiv offers managed IT solutions for your company.

If your technology isn’t running efficiently, your company won’t be productive. Making sure that all your tech is up to date and running smoothly will help the company find its edge in a competitive environment.

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