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In 2017 Productiv was engaged as a contractor to assist with networking issues at client’s site. On initial visit it was determined that the networking equipment that was in production was out of manufacturer warranty and had no vendor support.

From this visit Productiv was able to assist in remedying the immediate issues and reported on improvements to the overall configurations of the network. These improvements were considered and Productiv was re-engaged to deliver upon them. Included in these recommendations was to reactivate the vendor support as well as introduce redundancy into the network topology.

A new year

In 2018 Productiv was engaged as a partner of preference to assist with a new network design and replacement of the old hardware due to changes and upgrades with the current client systems.

Apart of this process Productiv documented the client’s requirements and concerns and provided a network solution to replace and consolidate the aging and failing hardware, added redundancy and failover into the overall solution and enhanced security requirements from the client.

On successful adoption of the proposed network solution Productiv was asked to extend upon this design to include a centralised wireless solution.

Productiv developed a central wireless solution for the client that extended on the networking solution whilst providing cloud management for the wireless and networking hardware as well as enhanced security above the initial client requirements.

Connecting the dots

The design was approved by the client and the project implemented. The hardware chosen for this implementation was dual purpose providing a wireless access point but also a small switch with POE capability. This allowed for consolidation of hardware, resulting in reduction to overall power consumption requirements, projected implementation hours required and client network downtime all whilst consolidating the overall design, enhanced security and centralised management.

Productiv have recently assisted the client with a mobile device management solution which will extend on the previous network and wireless solution. This solution will simplify the end user deliver of hardware as well as provide centralised management of all networking equipment and end user devices extending and enhancing on the solid foundation that Productiv had designed and implemented.

In addition to the design and implementation of the above solutions Productiv now provides a managed services agreement to ensure that the hardware is kept operational and up to date and engage vendor support on an as need basis.