What is a Virtual Receptionist?


Productiv’s Systems Developer Matthew Christofells answers your FAQ about his latest find – the Virtual Receptionist Hello Lisa. 

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the ‘Virtual Receptionist‘ Hello Lisa?

A: The Hello Lisa is a featured device that lives in your reception areas – acting as a ‘Virtual Receptionist,’ ready to connect visitors to staff members with video and voice. The touch screen device allows a visitor to decide if they want to speak to a nominated staff member for handling visitors, or directly speak to a staff member they know in the business. Conversations are supported with two-way video and voice – both parties can see whom they are talking too, making a personal connection instead of talking to a doorbell. With an optional accessory, staff can also remotely unlock a secured door – very helpful for visitors whom already know their way around the building!

Q: What makes the Hello Lisa better than other Virtual Receptionists?

A: The Hello Lisa is currently the only solution on the market that works with both Skype for Business and Teams. The integration into Skype for Business is seamless, with an intuitive graphical display making visitors feel welcome.

Q: How can Virtual Receptionists like Hello Lisa help my workplace run more efficiently/effectively and productively?

A: The Hello Lisa can alleviate the need for a dedicated receptionist to sit at the front door, minding the reception area. Since the Hello Lisa can reach any staff member whom is using Skype for Business or Teams, the staff member can actually be anywhere in the world – as long as they can sign into their Skype for Business or Teams client. Visitors who know whom they need to speak to can directly speak to that person with the Hello Lisa.

Let’s run through an example. A visitor who arrives for a meeting with Ben – a member of staff working on Level 5, not ground floor. With the Hello Lisa the visitor can quickly call Ben from reception and speak with video and voice to let Ben on Level 5 know they have arrived for the meeting. From Ben’s perspective he simply answers a Skype for Business or Teams call from his device on hand. While talking to the visitor, Ben types in the Skype for Business or Teams chat window the door unlock phrase. This instructs the Hello Lisa to unlock the security door in reception, allowing the visitor to walk in past reception and to the elevators. Ben ends the call and heads to the elevator, knowing his visitor is on the way.

Q: What model of IT infrastructure is the Hello Lisa compatible with? Will my business need to make any major changes to our IT framework to support the use of the Hello Lisa?

A: Hello Lisa is compatible with Skype for Business and Teams. Skype for Business capability is provided by running a Skype for Business in the background on the Hello Lisa unit, which just requires a PC-to-PC Skype for Business account to sign into. Teams support is currently provided via co-existence mode between Skype for Business and Teams.

Q: Are there any ongoing costs associated with the Hello Lisa?

A: There is a one-time purchase for the hardware device, any optional accessories and the software licence.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Hello Lisa can help you achieve your business goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 136677 or at info@productiv.com.au.


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